How Geeky are the Presidential Candidates?

We invite all of the candidates running for President of the United States to share their geekiness over “fictional” legal issues in a guest post. We want to hear your legal analysis on one topic from comic books or science fiction.

Here are the campaign guest post rules: 1) Posts must be submitted by the candidate and verified that they are actually from the campaign; 2) Posts should be at least 500 words;  3) The campaign should supply at least one supporting image and headshot of the candidate by email after the post submission; 3) The guest post must respond to one of the below questions; and 4) Each campaign may only address one topic.

1. What is the point when super-heroes go from rescuing those in danger from others to vigilantism?

2. Should super-heroes be required to register with the government and make their secret identities know to that government?

3. Can the government conscript superheroes and force them into government service?

4. How would you advise a super-hero on estate planning? What contingencies should be included for possible resurrection? How should assignment of rights for another to become that hero be planned for?

5. Do super-heroes have a duty to rescue those in peril?

6. Can city zoning prohibit super-hero headquarters in populated areas as a matter of public safety?

7. Do you consider Superman an illegal alien? How would your administration deal with extraterrestrials who arrive on Earth?

8. If there is a mass casualty event from an alien invasion, would it be necessary to declare martial law? How long would martial law need to be in effect?

9. Which super-heroes who were originally super-villains would you pardon for their past crimes and why?

10. What are the Probate and Tax Law ramifications of dead super-heroes coming back to life?

11. Under what conditions could Artificial Intelligence, such as an android, qualify as a “person” under the law? 

12. How can super-heroes from other planets legally become a permanent resident in the United States? Does being a super-hero count as employment?

13. What is the role of the Federal government in rebuilding massive property damage from events such as an alien attack or Godzilla rampage?

14. What steps must be taken for super-villains have a fair trial?

15. What provisions must be put in place to incarcerate super-villains without violating cruel and unusual punishment?

16. What is, or is not, the equal protection argument for a human to marry an android, alien from another planet, or inter-dimensional being?

17. How can super-human individuals be regulated without violating their civil rights?

18. What changes must be made to immigration law in order for a being from another planet to become a U.S. citizen?

19. What factors would determine whether an alien from another planet is a political refugee? 

20. Where would SHIELD fall in the US Military chain of command? Is SHIELD primary a law enforcement agency, espionage agency, or branch of the military?

21. Which episode from any of the Star Trek TV series had the best trial, including legal issue and best trial advocacy skills? 

22. What are the best civil rights issues presented in all of the Star Trek TV series?

23. What are the legal risks of providing lightsabers to Padawans? 

24. What are the main differences in legal arguments between the 1964 Outer Limits episode “I, Robot,” to the 1995 version? Which had the better argument and why? 

25. What treaty agreements would need to be in place for International Rescue from the Thunderbirds to operate legally around the world?