More Fun at Big Wow Comicfest (Day 2)

Big Wow Comicfest Day 2 continued the fun from Day 1. I found it highly entertaining that as I walked in on Sunday morning, the group at Rock Band was singing No Doubt’s Sunday Morning. Well played.

I had a ton of fun sitting in the Back to the Future Delorean replica by Team TimeCar. I did NOT get to see if she could do 88 MPH, but it was super cool to check it out.

BigWow_2799I attended the “Drawing Who” panel with Doctor Who comic book artists Blair D. Shedd and Josh Adams. Very talented artists who were fun and creative first thing Sunday morning.

Blair D. Shedd sang his original song “From Skaro With Hate,” a parody of From Russian With Love, as a result of getting more than 500 fans on his Facebook page. Check out his awesome performance.

There were also a ton of great cosplayers in action. I greatly admire their creativity and attention to detail in sharing their love for comics and science fiction.

Part of my admiration of cosplayers is seeing their ability to make imagination reality. It is a talent I lack, despite the fact both my father and grandfather were aeronautical engineers who had that skill, whether it was building B-17 or the Space Shuttle. While cosplayers are not building Orion to go to Mars, they are demonstrating engineering, creativity and bringing fantasy to life. You got to respect that.

BigWow_KitQuinn_2762I was especially impressed in seeing Kit Quinn become a green skinned witch. I checked in a little after 1000am and saw body paint/make-up being mixed to be sprayed on her. I went to a session and returned later to see her adding the finishing touches to her costume. The attention to detail was impressive. I hope her project the Sweethearts of the Galaxy earns a nomination for The Geekie Awards. Good luck.

Job well done on another fun day at Big Wow. I look forward to 2015.