Big Wow ComicFest 2014 (Day 1)

The 2014 Big Wow ComicFest kicked off on May 17 in San Jose. Day 1 was fantastic, giving me a chance to catch up with people I met last year, enjoy sessions, and pick up material for future blog posts. I was extremely impressed by all of the cosplayers, from the GI Joes, to Cobra, to Ghostbusters, to Star Wars, and the other many different aspects of geek culture being celebrated at Big Wow.

The show has the Batman Museum, celebrating the Cape Crusader’s 75th Anniversary. I enjoyed catching out the original Batmobile (which probably would be awesome at a future Geekie Awards). Batmobile_2739 I had a serious geek moment going to the panel discussion with William Katt, whom I enjoyed greatly as a child on The Greatest American Hero.

WilliamKatt_2747The showed first aired after my parents divorced and my mother went to paramedic school in Los Angeles. I lived with my grandparents during that time.

Ralph’s adventures as the hero without the instruction book for his alien suit were a bright part of each week.

A few years ago, I gave the collectors edition DVD set to both my brother and cousin for Christmas, who hold the show in the same regard as I. My brother might still have his cape.

Katt discussed many cool stories from his childhood to present day. He discussed one of his recent projects called A Man from Earth, which was a very intellectual science fiction show about a man who had lived for 10,000 years. The story focuses on scientists who are questioning the 10,000 year old man in an attempt to verify his claims. I look forward to checking it.

Josh_WilliamKatt_2756I had the chance to visit with the extremely creative cosplayer Vegas PG. I met her last year and yes, I have one of her autographed photos on the wall. She has a fun Facebook Fan Page, where she posts about comic conventions, gaming, and whether it is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Vegas_PG_2758I picked up a lot of great independent comics and look forward to blogging about them in the near future, including Boston Metaphysical Society Issue 3 and Oh, Hell.

Until then, let’s get ready for Day 2.