Comic Talk: Freyja on Trial? SHIELD Experimenting on Prisoners?

Jess and I love the Thor and Captain America comics. We review the latest issues, focusing on whether Queen Aelsa had the mental capacity to marry Malekitch, and Odin’s trial of Freyja for defying “the will of its rightful ruler and insurrection.”

I share my thoughts on the 75th Anniversary of Captain America and whether SHIELD violated prisoners’ rights by using a Cosmic Cube to perform reality altering psychosurgery on the inmates.

We also are thrilled for the upcoming Black Panther comic, so tune in for more on our comic talk.

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Josh Gilliland
Josh Gilliland is a California attorney who focuses his practice on eDiscovery. Josh is the co-creator of The Legal Geeks, which has made the ABA Journal Top Blawg 100 Blawg for 2013 to 2016, the ABA Web 100 for Best Legal Blog and Podcast categories, and was nominated for Best Podcast for the 2015 Geekie Awards. Josh has presented at legal conferences and comic book conventions across the United States. He also ties a mean bow tie.