Ever Wonder How to Properly Cite the Prime Directive?

New York Judge Richard A. Dollinger wrote a very straightforward opinion on the standards for attorney disqualification in New York.

The Court stated in its summary, Finally, this evolving “clear showing” standard seems to be in direct contrast to the “prime directive” from appellate courts on matters relating to disqualification: i.e., that the decision rests solely in the discretion of the trial court.” Lyons v Lyons (Sup.Ct.) 2015 NY Slip Op 25414, ¶ 7, fn. 3.

Footnote 3 is Exhibit A that Judge Dollinger is a Trekie: “See Star Trek, First Contact, Paramount Pictures, 1996 (Articles of the Federation, Chapter I, Article II, ¶VII).”

Raise a glass of tranya, because a New York Judge went beyond making a reference, but boldly cited the Articles of the Federation and Star Trek First Contact.