Expert Witness Reports for the Trial of James Buchanan Barnes

The Mock Trial of the Winter Soldier at San Diego Comic Fest is a battle of expert opinions: did James Buchanan Barnes understand the wrongfulness of his actions?

James Buchanan Barnes’ defense team will argue that he is not guilty by reason of insanity. The law requires that the defense prove Bucky was insane by clear and convincing evidence, which is a lower standard then the Prosecution proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury must weigh the facts and expert opinions presented by both sides and decide if Sargent Barnes was insane under the following Model Jury Instruction for the Insanity Defense for the 9th Circuit:

The defendant James Buchanan Barnes contends he was insane at the time of the crime. Insanity is a defense to the charge. The sanity of the defendant at the time of the crime charged is therefore a question you must decide.

A defendant is insane only if at the time of the crime charged:

1. The defendant had a severe mental disease or defect; and

2. As a result, the defendant was unable to appreciate the nature and quality or the wrongfulness of his acts.

The defendant has the burden of proving the defense of insanity by clear and convincing evidence. Clear and convincing evidence of insanity means that it is highly probable that the defendant was insane at the time of the crime. Proof by clear and convincing evidence is a lower standard of proof than proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

You may consider evidence of defendant’s mental condition before or after the crime to decide whether defendant was insane at the time of the crime. Insanity may be temporary or extended.

Your finding on the question of whether the defendant was insane at the time of the crime must be unanimous.

The Defense and the Prosecution each have an expert witness who will testify on whether James Buchanan Barnes was legally insane during the events of Captain America The Winter Soldier. You can view their expert reports below and see the issues of the trial on February 13, 2016 at San Diego Comic Fest. Page controls are at the bottom of the PDF viewer.

Dr. Janina Scarlet’s Expert Report for the Defense


Dr. Andrea Letamendi Expert Report for the Prosecution