J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, was the heart of the 1980s Justice League International. The Oreo-loving, fire fearing, Last Son of Mars gave soul to the retro series The New Frontier. J’onzz’s surprise appearance on Supergirl puts a new spin on the character, plus a couple of felonies.

Here is the big surprise: the Martian Manhunter has been impersonating Hank Henshaw for YEARS. This means the DEO has been run by an alien that the DEO was sent out to capture. Oops.


Applying California law to our favorite Martian, J’onzz easily has committed false impersonation by the following actions:

J’onzz assumed the identity of Hank Henshaw in both his personal and official capacity of the head of the DEO;

J’onzz has signed and issued orders on behalf of the DEO, thus publishing written instruments with the intent his orders be used as true;

J’onzz has acted as a Federal agent in apprehending both aliens and humans, who are held without trial, thus violating at least the human’s civil rights, therefore subjecting Henshaw to a 1983 action; and

J’onzz has to live someplace, meaning either a lease or deed has been signed in Henshaw’s name, using Henshaw’s credit history for J’onzz personal benefit.

Cal Pen Code § 529.

It is highly likely J’onzz is also illegally collecting other benefits, such as having a Driver’s License in Henshaw’s name, and ultimately could commit Social Security fraud.

There is another awkward matter: Henshaw was married in the comics to Terri Henshaw. Yes, she and the other two astronauts from the Space Shuttle Excalibur committed suicide after they crashed back to Earth after being mutated by cosmic rays in a Fantastic Four homage. However, if she is still alive in Supergirl, things get weird fast if J’onzz either remained married to her or divorced her under false pretenses. In theory, Terri should have recovered government death benefits after the death of Hank Henshaw.

Felonies aside, it is awesome to have another iconic hero in Supergirl. I am just glad he is not wearing the tactical speedo.