Jemma Simmons planned to murder Grant Ward with a “splinter bomb” that would cause Ward to disintegrate as if exposed to the destructive force of a Diviner in the Agents of SHIELD episode “The Dirty Half Dozen.” This was murder at the most basic level of common law that was premeditated with malice aforethought. Agent Simmons truly transformed herself from Agent of SHIELD to the Punisher.

Make no mistake, Grant Ward has a body count that includes AT LEAST 5 SHIELD Agents 4 soldiers, 2 guards, 2 Airmen, 1 Senator (his brother), and parents (plus possible other family members). Ward has committed treason and international terrorism. There is no question that Ward has earned himself a death sentence by his long list of crimes.

The problem is Jemma Simmons is not supposed to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Agent Simmons has given herself the same moral standing as Frank Castle with her plan to kill Grant Ward that resulted in the death of Sunil Bakshi. Worse yet, it is bad when the terrorist who killed his own brother (a US Senator) gives you a lesson on morality after you kill someone.

Let’s be clear: Simmons murdered Bakshi under the doctrine of transferred intent. Simmons intended to murder Ward, but instead killed Bakshi, who attempted to save Ward. The intent to kill Ward would be “transferred” to Bakshi. This makes Simmons not just guilty of the attempted murder of Ward, but the murder of Bakshi.

Jemma Simmons turning into a murderer is directly connected to SHIELD no longer being the “Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division,” but a bunch of mercenaries since Captain America The Winter Soldier. It is true that they tried maintaining their mission to fight HYDRA (and other international terrorism), but SHIELD itself is no longer taking orders from the US Government. Law enforcement is a thing of the past. Upholding the Constitution is ignored in the name of security. Personal foreign policies are forged in violation of the Logan Act and totally ignore the War Powers Act, let alone the chain of command. These are all bad traits that result in heroic characters becoming shadows of their former selves.


How should this change? SHIELD should go back to its roots as quickly as possible after Avengers Age of Ultron. SHIELD should be about upholding the law, opposed to taking the law into one’s own hands. Save that for when the Punisher appears in a future season of Daredevil.