Christmas Wishes for 2014

SantaClaus_LegalGeeks_9504What geek wishes do Jess and I have on our Christmas lists? Check out our video or podcast on everything from North Korea, to responding to data breaches, to Agent Carter, multiple TV shows and movies that start with the letter “A,” and our course Star Wars The Force Awakens.

What is Christmas without A Christmas Carol? I decided to read out loud from the Dickens classic. Rehearsing would have been a grand idea.


  1. […] * The joke’s on North Korea: you can’t hack the D.C. Circuit because they still use Commodore 64s. [The Volokh Conspiracy / Washington Post] * As we remember the Slaughter and May holiday party of 1981, here’s a mashup with contemporary music. [Legal Cheek] * With restrictions lifting, what will America’s new relationship with Cuba mean for business? I’m most looking forward to imported communist liquor. They can call it Red Rum. [LXBN] * Court says Muslim can’t take the oath on a Koran. I mean, isn’t this that special time of year where people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ? [Religion Clause] * The least efficient armed robbery ever nets pennies. If one of these guys drops a dime on the others guys he’d actually be coming out ahead. [Legal Juice] * Christmas wishes revolving mostly around Agent Carter and Star Wars. My only Star Wars wish is for a stand-alone Admiral Ackbar movie, but we’re not going to get it. [The Legal Geeks] […]