What Should You Get the Lawyer in Your Life For Christmas?

Santa-NiceListShopping for lawyers is hard. Many “normal” people think we lawyers want a leather bound collection of John Grisham books for Christmas.

Moreover, many Judges to this day are still getting copies of The Brethren by Bob Woodward as gifts.

Please do not give such gifts unless asked. Lawyers really do not read Latin for fun.

This might surprise many, but lawyers are just like “normal” people with hobbies. I encourage anyone shopping for a lawyer to think in terms of in arguendo, “Hey, Sarah likes sailing, I will get her a new lifejacket and gloves, because I want her safe on a boat.”

Like with anyone, think of that person’s interests. One of my favorite childhood Christmas gifts was a Star Wars AT-AT. A very meaningful recent gift was a bust of John Quincy Adams.

Here are some ideas that I think would be great Christmas Gifts for a geek lawyer:

Pocket Watch

Watches are a wonderful gift, because the wearer always associates the watch with whoever gave them the gift.

The Polaroid Z2300 Digital & Instant Camera

We live in the most photographed age in human history, but probably have the least printed photos then any other era. It is important to print, so memories are not lost when data storage changes. This camera is a nice mix that can save photos electronically and instantly print pictures.

Plus, I loved my Polaroid camera as a kid.

Ring Light

Hey, photographers have cool toys.

GoPro Hero 4 Black

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Cufflinks or the Classic “I Love You,” “I Know” Set

Jelly Babies

Jelly Babies are required for any Doctor Who fan and excellent for taking the tension out of settlement negotiations or depositions.

Bust of James Garfield

The original Legal Geek

Socks. Lawyers need nice ones too.

Dress Shirts, because we wear them out.

Bow Ties, because Bow Ties Are Cool.

Gift giving always requires thought about the individual. Plus, lawyers can be complicated people. I hope this list gives you some ideas if your Nice List includes a lawyer.