Fanboy Thoughts on Agents of SHIELD and Captain Mar-Vell

I normally stick to the law and having fun with the shows I love, but I have had an idea about Agents of SHIELD that connects Inhumans, Captain Marvel, and to a degree, Guardians of the Galaxy.

AgentsofSHIELD_CaptainMarvel_TheoryThe Inhumans movie is not out until November 2018. That is a lot of world building for an Agents of SHIELD tie-in starting in 2014.

Here are some theories after seeing the Diviner and Skye’s forever young mother:

Once Director Coulson and SHIELD find Attilan and unlock the city with the Diviner, the Kree are alerted (if aliens built an advanced city at the dawn of humanity, you think it would have an alarm if someone entered it). The Kree Empire responds by sending Captain Mar-Vell to investigate whether Earth is now a threat to the Kree Empire. As Mar-Vell was originally spying on Earth in the comics, this would fit well in a SHIELD storyline with Coulson and Mar-Vell facing off in interplanetary spycraft.

The Kree sending an expeditionary force out to Earth could also be a means to give Star-Lord (if not all of the Guardians of the Galaxy) a cameo in Agents of SHIELD and not necessarily on Earth.

If the Kree Captain Mar-Vell is introduced in Agents of SHIELD, and ultimately dies heroically defending Earth, or from cancer after saving humanity, or is lost in the Negative Zone, this could clear the complex back story for Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel film in July 2018.

As I said before, I am just a lawyer who happened to love Marvel space comics from the 1960s and 1970s. However, given the amount of time before the Inhumans and Captain Marvel movies in 2018, Agents of SHIELD could cover the Kree back story of Captain Mar-Vell, without it being a distraction from Captain Marvel, which should focus solely on Carol Danvers as the main character.