A Bow Tie Requiem for the 11th Doctor

Matt Smith was the first Doctor since Jon Pertwee in 1974 to wear a bow tie on Doctor Who. One only needs to look on social media to see the number of people wearing bow ties in the last three years. Matt Smith’s popularity as the 11th Doctor was undoubtedly part of this bow tie Renaissance.

Judge Matthew Sciarrino and I sat down to review The Time of the Doctor. We discussed Matt Smith’s tenure as the 11th Doctor, hopes for Peter Capaldi and the future of bow ties.

I am confident Mother Superious Tasha Lem is River Song. Lem screamed River from the following facts:

11thDoctor_7447The [well armed] Church of the Mainframe was probably the Library of River’s future;

Lem’s constant sexual innuendos with the Doctor;

The fact the Doctor kissed Lem;

Lem  was determined to protect the Doctor from being attacked by every enemy he ever had;

Lem knew how to fly the TARDIS;

“LEM” was the name of the Lunar Lander in the Apollo program, which was heavily tied to the plots of The Impossible Astronaut, The Day of the Moon and The Wedding of Rivier Song;

Lem narrated the story; and

The big giveaway: the Doctor told Lem she had been fighting the psychopath within herself her entire life.

All of these facts point to Tasha Lem being River Song.

Regardless, Matt Smith, thank you for your time on Doctor Who. Job well done.