In Requiem Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy was an amazing author whose books made the US military and espionage services look like the heroes they always were. I wish his family the deepest respects and condolences on his passing.

TomClancy_Books_3616I read the Hunt for Red October while in elementary school in the 1980s. I had a “recovery goal” of seeing the film in 1990 after being hospitalized for an extended period. My desire to see the film was a significant motivator in recovering from major surgery and a near fatal medical condition. I am not ashamed to say the 15 year old version of me wanted to stay alive to see The Hunt for Red October.

I just wish they could have had Red October ram the V. K. Konovalov like in the book. Or the Russians crying over watching E.T.

I read Clear and Present Danger while in a hospital bed for a month. I had a much happier time reading Without Remorse during the summer of 1993, despite the serious due process issues presented in the story.

Tom Clancy will live on in his many good books. Thank you sir for inspiring those who serve our country and showing them as heroes.

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