Bloomberg Law on Superman's Legal Duty to Save Jonathan Kent

Great video with attorney James Daily’s analysis on Superman’s legal duty to save his father in Man of Steel.

I agree with Mr. Daily’s legal analysis that Clark Kent did not have a legal duty to save his father. While that sounds extremely harsh, part of the theme in Man of Steel shows both of Clark Kent/Kal El’s fathers sacrificing themselves for their son.

From the legal point of view, Jonathan Kent made the choice himself to go back to the car to save the dog. Clark at no point started to rescue his father or left his father in a worse position, such as the classic issue of the rescue swimmer who abandons a rescue.

Check out the video to see more of Daily’s analysis.

There are many other legal issues in the film. In a prior post, I addressed the issue of Clark Kent visiting his minister in Would Superman Be Protected By the Clergy Privilege? There also would be a significant legal battle rivaling Superman and General Zod’s over insurance coverage for the destruction in Metropolis.