The Legal Geeks’ First Year: Oh what a year!

I can’t believe I’ve been a Legal Geek for a year already (I’ve been a dork for decades more)!  I wasn’t sure what to expect when Josh and I started this adventure last summer but I have to say it’s been more exciting than I could have anticipated.  While it’s all been great, below are some of my personal highlights from my first year as a Legal Geek:


Meeting and working with my geeky partner, Josh.  Josh is a ton of fun and I’ve learned more from him about US Presidents than I learned in high school.  Plus, he’s one of the most creative attorneys I know (certainly far more creative than I am), so I always enjoy reading his posts!

io9!  I still remember where I was when I found out io9 was going to publish my piece on judicial opinions with Star Trek references (I was at the Dells with my little girl, who wasn’t impressed).  I’ve been a fan of io9 for a long time so it was a personal highlight to have something I wrote on that website.  Plus, I was very impressed by the judges’ creativity.


And speaking of creative judges, I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with some great judges through this blog, especially Judge Sciarrino.  I met him at a conference in Park City and we’ve done some fun video posts together.  He’s creative, clever, and I’ve never met anyone else who knows as much about Star Wars.

Close-up of a vampire zombie in mid attack.


Letting my geek colors fly!  Having the opportunity to talk about some of my favorite shows, books, and movies is awesome.  I’m a huge fan of Buffy, Veronica Mars, Robert Heinlein, John Carter, Terry Pratchett, Star Trek, and many more sci-fi authors and shows.  And I know this may be hard to believe, but I don’t get to talk about this stuff much in my ordinary life.

Finally, as my friends and family know, I’m obsessed with Howard Stern and his show.  So when one of my favorite Stern Show producers actually retweeted my post – and then I got to have a brief Twitter conversation with him – I was over the moon with excitement.  Even my kids were excited for me that time!

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Jessica has been litigating business and IP disputes for the past decade. During that time, she’s dealt with clients, lawyers, and judges who have varying degrees of appreciation for the challenges of managing discovery in an electronic age. Until the fall of 2011, she was an attorney at a large, Texas-based law firm, where she represented clients in state and federal court nationwide. That fall, she made a long-desired move back to the Midwest and is now a partner at Hansen Reynolds Dickinson Crueger LLC, a litigation boutique based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she continues to litigate while also consulting with business and law firms on e-discovery issues (before, during, and after litigation arises).