Bow Ties Are Forever

JoshDr_7458Bow ties wearing guys like me owe Matt Smith of Doctor Who a debt of honor for “Bow Ties Are Cool.”

Smith’s run on Doctor Who has been an amazing adventure not just across time and space, but causing an explosion in bow tie popularity.

Case in point: One store reported a 94% increase in bow tie sales after Matt Smith’s first episode on Doctor Who.

This might be the biggest influence a science fiction TV show has had on men’s fashion.

The bow tie is the traditional “uniform” for judges, lawyers and doctors. I started wearing bow ties in January 2007 and my blog Bow Tie Law in 2008. I had entered the world of the eDiscovery speaker circuit several months before. Not being shy, nor afraid to show off my geek side, I started wearing bow ties to stand out on panels. I did not want to be just another lawyer discussing electronically stored information, the form of production and document review best practices. I even wrote an advanced eDiscovery seminar that highlighted the history of bow ties in pop culture and the law entitled “Bow Ties Are Cool” as a tribute to Doctor Who and bow tie wearing lawyers.

My mock trial students wear matching bow ties and scarves as a display of team unity. It does not hurt many of the students are also Doctor Who fans.

SCHSTeam1_9841Matt Smith, thank you for “Bow Ties Are Cool.” Those four words have done wonders for those of us who wear bow ties. I look forward to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and Christmas Specials. Best of luck in your future endeavors.