Veronica Mars: awesome show…spotty legal record

The recent Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie inspired me to go back and start rewatching the show again from the beginning.  It’s the first time I’ve done this since it was canceled and it’s fun to watch everyone now, knowing who Lily’s murderer turned out to be in the end.  I’m also enjoying watching the development of Dick Casablancas, the best d-bag ever put on the small screen.

Legal TextAs I rewatch the show I’m also amazed at the fact that, while the sheriff and his deputies are always around, there appears to be very little concern for the letter of the law.  Just in watching the first few episodes again I’ve already “issue-spotted” several acts that seem highly questionable and should certainly expose people to liability, including:

Vandalism.  There’s a lot of vandalism all around, but Logan smashing in Veronica’s headlights is a particurally clear example of property destruction.  On a side note, now knowing how Logan’s dad punished him, I felt really bad for him when he talked about getting in trouble with his father after the bong was found in his locker.

Bullying: Poor Wallace was taped naked to the school flag pole and not one school official reacted, despite the fact that enough time had passed that there was a huge crowd gathered around him.  Nor did the school ever follow up and expell or suspend Eli.  So much for zero tolerance policies.

Evidence tampering: Veronica actually started a fire (or a smoke-out of some sort) in the evidence room at the police station…and then had a firefighter switch out actual evidence that was to be used in a criminal trial for another videotape (that also showed possibly criminal – and certainly unethical – behavior by certain police officers).  That’s huge and all she got was a dirty stare from the sheriff.

Sherlock HolmesAnd these are only a few examples…just from the first disk I received from Netflix!  There are more as the show goes on and while I understand that the law can’t be applied too strictly in Hollywood, the almost complete lack of a balanced legal system is a bit problematic.  But, even with that legal thorn in my side, I still forgive VM because she is my favorite detective, her dad is probably only second to Spy Daddy in fatherly awesomeness, and I cannot wait for the movie to finally happen!

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