My legally geeky wishes for 2013

2013We’re already over a week into the new year and I’m still working on my new year’s resolutions.  While I work on those, however, I thought I’d share with you my wishlist of things I’d like to see in the 2013:

1.  A good director signing on for Star Wars VII (a few top choices have already turned down the opportunity).  I’m trying to stay optimistic – I really am – but I’m beginning to worry that this episode won’t be any better than the last three.  If that happens, they (they being George Lucas and Disney) may officially kill my multi-decade love affair with Star Wars.

2.  And while we’re discussing movies, can I please beg Joss Whedon to give Wonder Woman another chance?  I know he’s very busy, but he’s also one of the most powerful people in Hollywood now, so I’m asking him to use his power to bring back his Wonder Woman movie!

3.  On the legal side, I’d love to see some computer-assisted-review programs (a.k.a. predictive coding) that could review for privilege and confidentiality.  I know it’s unlikely, but it would be so nice…

4.  Meanwhile, on the technical side, why do all of the apps my kids want me to put on my smart phone have to access my location, my messages, phone numbers, etc?  Can they please stop making apps that want all of my private information?

CatWall5.  Back to Hollywood, I wish somebody would try to make a movie or mini-series out of one of Robert Heinlein’s best novels, like The Moon is a Harsh Mistress or The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.  Starship Troopers and The Puppet Masters should not be the only Heinlein works given movie star treatment.

6.  I want Xena again.  Seeing Lucy Lawless play Ron’s love interest on Parks & Recreation is nice, but it really makes me miss Xena.  Lucy still looks great and I think a revived Xena show, maybe on HBO or Showtime so they can be edgier, would be amazing.

7.  I saw this HipKey debut at CES this week.  The idea – that your iPhone will help you keep track of your keys (or kids) – is awesome.  But I need a system that works with Droids.  It also needs to prevent me from locking my keys in the car.  And, if I’m really wishing, I need one that will also help me keep track of the phone itself.  Is there an app for somebody who misplaces everything?

8.  Community better come back and stay back!  I’m worried about how it will hold up, post Dan Harmon, but I’m sure it will still be better than most other things out there and I really miss it!

TheLegalGeeks-Small9.  Finally, I’d really love to see somebody wearing a Legal Geeks shirt.  Maybe it’s narcissistic, but it would be beyond exciting to see our logo worn by some geek somewhere!

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Jessica has been litigating business and IP disputes for the past decade. During that time, she’s dealt with clients, lawyers, and judges who have varying degrees of appreciation for the challenges of managing discovery in an electronic age. Until the fall of 2011, she was an attorney at a large, Texas-based law firm, where she represented clients in state and federal court nationwide. That fall, she made a long-desired move back to the Midwest and is now a partner at Hansen Reynolds Dickinson Crueger LLC, a litigation boutique based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she continues to litigate while also consulting with business and law firms on e-discovery issues (before, during, and after litigation arises).