Holiday gift ideas for the legally geeky in your life.

Holiday GiftsIt’s that time of year again, when we all run around, frantically trying to buy gifts for family, friends, and co-workers.  (Well, I run around frantically.  I have friends who always annoy me during the holiday season because all of their presents are purchased by Thanksgiving.)  The interwebs abound, of course, with gift-giving lists, but none of them address those of us who have legally geeky interests.  So here’s my list to fill that hole.

Jewelry is always popular, and you can be both geeky and legal with this pulsating LED open source necklace, programmed with her (or his) favorite case citation.

Lawyers love complicated rules, geeks love Spock, and this tee shirt showing the rules of “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” is the perfect melding of those two loves.  And if you haven’t seen Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory explain the rules of the game, go watch it now.

For the lawyer who wants to show off her geeky side at the office, these Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superrman bookends will totally jazz up her legal library collection.

If you have a legally geeky child like I do, this lightsaber nightlight is the compromise that may get them to stay in their own room at night, instead of arguing with you as to why they have a right to sleep in your bed…yet again.

President Lincoln is hot this year, with multiple movies about his life (some a bit more out there).  For fans – new or old – of Honest Abe, this bust is a perfect present.

For those looking for a good financial investment, buy some artwork at Goodwill.  Recently, for the fourth time in a year, a shopper at Goodwill bought a piece of art worth thousands of dollars.

And, finally, for the hardcore Legal Geek types, what better bet than some awesome Legal Geek merchandise? (Gotta push the merch!)

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Jessica has been litigating business and IP disputes for the past decade. During that time, she’s dealt with clients, lawyers, and judges who have varying degrees of appreciation for the challenges of managing discovery in an electronic age. Until the fall of 2011, she was an attorney at a large, Texas-based law firm, where she represented clients in state and federal court nationwide. That fall, she made a long-desired move back to the Midwest and is now a partner at Hansen Reynolds Dickinson Crueger LLC, a litigation boutique based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she continues to litigate while also consulting with business and law firms on e-discovery issues (before, during, and after litigation arises).